How do PS Celebration Accounts work?

PS Celebration Accounts allow families and friends to purchase gifts online and help the resident earn rewards in the salon.

How to join the Celebration:

 - Quickly set up a secure profile, connect with your loved one, and add funds.

 - PS Salon & Spa will connect your profile and gift with your loved one's Celebration Account

 - Once connected, your loved one will have immediate access to the funds and earn rewards!

 - Gift funds at any time and enjoy peace of mind while providing your loved one with the services and products they desire!

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    Julia P. Schrock

    You have made this way too hard!! My mother lives at Inspired Living, Tampa, FL.  Please call me. I have given you my credit card number and have authorized you $200 to start the account. I am not going to fill out any document with my credit card information. Please call me.

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    Suzanne Kenyhercz

    I agree this process is not user friendly. Once you create an account you cannot see the balance to see if the funds went into the account or need to be replenished.

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    Jamal Kaghazwala

    You can see all your connections and balances by logging into your account.
    They should be the first thing you see but to be sure click on Dashboard.

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    Susan Martin

    Nowhere do I find any description of how the resident actually access this account once set up. It's a pretty poor web design.

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    Angela Rowell Mcgartlin

    Please let us know as soon as you add the tab which will include the date, services used and the balance. This would be quite helpful. Thank you

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    laura williamson

    Would not advise using this as we are not advised how much money was used and have no documentation, nor do the Assisted LIving facilities. Software should have been much more thought out beforehand. Disappointed.

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    laura williamson

    Now that we are used to communicating with multiple parties (front desk of Assisted Living who then communicates with Salon), I am getting used to their system and it is better than nothing for out-of-state family trying to get their parents hair and manicure/pedicure services regularly. Thank you.

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    Marilyn Kiep


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    This is so bad. I am not able to create an account. Please give me the instruction how to
    open a new account. That is all I need.

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