How does my loved one know they have funds available to them?

Our PS Pros will hand deliver notification cards to the resident alerting them that funds have been added to their Celebration Account. Once the connection is made all future gifts automatically go to the residents account.

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    Hello! My Mother told me that she never gets a notification card. This is the 3rd time I have purchased salon services, and today is her birthday. Can you please let her know that my husband and I have given her this gift? Thanks for your help!

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    I put money in my sisters account. So did my other sister. The account I use(and maintain) is down in funds. There may not be enough in the account I use to add funds to for the service chosen. Will the difference be taken from the account added by my other sister. We want to make sure she gets her hair done on a weekly basis. And since there is no way for us to check the 2 accounts as combined, we would like to know how this is managed on your side so that she that she continues to get services as planned. Please explain why the contributor cannot see what and when the services were completed. I understand the privacy issue, but my sister has some dementia and would not be able to get the information/nor remember to let us know the status of her account. We are alternating the gifts for her. If you would please try to set up or add authority for the contributor to see the account so that proper contributions can be added that would be a great help and much appreciated. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you regarding these issues.

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