Can I schedule a salon appointment online?

No. At this time we can not schedule salon appointments online. Please call the community and ask to make a salon appointment.

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    Janice Norton

    What number do I call? Father is in memory care

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    Wendy Nicholls

    The AH-Macedonia community is NOT making salon appointments. I'm told that I have go to the salon on a day/time when someone is there, and request an appointment for my sister in memory care who cannot make her own appointment. (how I'm supposed to know someone is in the Salon to take an appointment is a mystery because they don't always show up) I am hoping that the standing Tues appointment for my mother (in assisted section) is still on the books for a simple shampoo/dry/style. I have Celebration accounts for both of them. This change in policy is unacceptable. Macedonia location.

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    Mary Reynolds

    My mother, who has Alzheimer's, is suffering terribly because of the awful communication with your salon. Because of miscommunication, she has had two appointments canceled due to error on the salon's part. I think your web portal is pathetic, because you can't even schedule an appointment. My own salon allows me to do everything online, including communicating with the stylist, scheduling an appointment, paying and many other things. You need to research and check out the web pages of other salons.

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    DD Prout

    i do not understand how to make or cancel an appointment. The receptionist at my mothers facility no longer schedules appointments for the salon and your website states you cannot do it online.

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