Why can't I see my loved ones salon history or what services they have received?

The account belongs to the resident and only they can see their receipts by getting their login credentials from the POS in the salon. Kind of like a gift card, you only know how much you gifted, not what as purchased. We are working on developing a tab in the gifters profile to show what services were purchased with the funds you gifted to your loved one soon. In the meantime, you can look at the salon offerings tab to access what service was done by comparing the charge to the price.

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    That’s great but because I handle all the financial I would like to see a date that charges were incurred in your email confirmation. Email just received today show charges for hair and manicure but lack when these services were rendered. I have visited my mil almost every day this week and her hair did not look styled. Please reply to sjv4u@aol.com

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    Debbie Johnson

    please show me the services provided to my mom. i would like to follow to ensure she is charged properly for the services provided. please tell me how I am able to see this information. please reply to dogdaydeb@gmail.com. Thank you.

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    Lisa Tenerelli Smith

    I pay for my mom's account and I cannot see the services she's received. This isn't a very good system, particularly since most of us are paying for the service because we handle finances for the resident.

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    Gordon Poy

    I fully agree with the comments made by SV, DJ, and LS. All I see on my account, is the BALANCE REMAINING? How can I understand what's being charged, since there are no dates of service, -or items charged. An example that I can offer, is my monthly VISA statement, -IF there were zero details of purchases (date, amounts, etc.), but just a single-line bill for (example) $12,345.67 !? Better yet: Do your remote PS employees just send the total amount, without line items? To PS: restuarants do this; grocery stores, gas stations, and even convenience stores give receipts, -just for a single candy bar. Many of your Celebration Account holders live no-where close to their loved ones, and in some cases, there's a 'reason' why the loved one -may not have their own credit card, or cash, -or even a purse. Yes, they may have HAD cash before, but not today and they rely on us to pay the bills. Please fix this. This is not a new concept. VISA emails me a suitable monthly statement, -even if there was no activity that month. Thank you. gppoy@outlook.com

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    cheryl zuraitis

    I cannot see the services given for my aunt either. It is payed through her card/my account. My aunt is in the memory care floor. When I asked her stylist, Nancy, she had no information to help me. Can you please explain how I can get an itemized receipt? Thank you and Thank you for your services to my aunt. Cheryl Zuraitis

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    I have same issues as listed above. My mother lives in a memory care unit. There are very valid reasons why she cannot handle funds. and I have a fiduciary duty to report to others in addition to my mother If I cannot see a full accounting, I am going to have problems with this system.

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    How does PS know that the services has been rendered? The individual location are nationwide, do you trust that the location perform every service every time? Without verification of charges vs services, we the payers of the bills have no trust in the system.

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